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We @ PAYOF simplify and improve the payroll management for your business, regardless of the size of your organization. Our solutions help you manage the tasks of payroll processing, statutory compliance, and payroll tax filing, so you are free to better manage your business. We also ensure regional statutory compliance for businesses in the region. A single point of contact will help consolidate reports, reduce costs and standardize processes. Using a single, fully-integrated platform saves on time and effort spent updating, interfacing and manually coordinating multiple vendors and platforms. Our payroll expertise ensures that your business runs smoothly, wherever you are.

service we offer:

Wage Protection System

As per the Labour Law in Kerala, every organization should process their salaries only through the indigenous system “Wage Protection System” thus helping the inspection under the Labour Department to be much easier. They can monitor organizations sitting at their table, instead of going around and catching companies that violate the Labour Laws.

Geo Fencing

Geofencing is used by the companies to monitor employees working in special locations, especially those doing field works. Using a geofencing tool, an employee is allowed to log his or her attendance using a GPS-enabled device when within a designated perimeter. We can use this to generate the attendance of people working remotely or for Sales/Marketing employees who are always on the field.

Definition of salary structure under the Minimum Wages Act

We define a salary structure in accordance with the prevailing Minimum Wages of the state/Designation.

Extensive MIS reports (Cost center/Department wise)

Various reports are sent to the client whenever asked for like Attrition, Quarterly/Half-yearly/Annual, Bonus/Gratuity projections etc….

Statutory compliance, Payments & Statutory reports

Monthly PF,ESIC, LWF challans are generated and sent to the client for payment before the last date specified by each statutory body. PT reports are generated Half-Yearly in August & February for September & March.

Annual Form 16 filing

Form 16/16A is the certificate of deduction of tax at source and issued on deduction of tax by the employer on behalf of the employees. This is generated for eligible employees and sent to the clients’ HR Team annually.

Payroll Inputs, Salary sheets & Pay slips

Payroll inputs such as Leave details, LOP’s, deductions are received from the client and the accurate salary sheet is sent to the client. Once approved, the necessary Bank/Cash sheets are sent and the pay slips will be released to the respective employees’ email once the salaries start hitting their accounts.

Payments of Bonus/Gratuity - calculation and reporting

As per The Payment of Bonus Act 1965 & The Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, companies are liable to pay the employees’ Bonus & Gratuity whenever applicable. These are calculated and sent to the clients’ HR Team on time.

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