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Payroll outsourcing services in India


We @ PAYOF design a system to cement the Statutory, PayRoll and Training strategies of your organization which is the key to growing your organization thro’ engagement with the external and internal stake holders. Our client centric processes and pro-active advice shall empower your organization to setup a robust and focussed strategy and add value to the system. We assist to remove the complexities in the system and make it short and simple. 

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The synergy comes from people who have more than a decade of rich and solid experience in Statutory/PayRoll management, Skill enhancement and Training. With the highest ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all aspects of the domain, we aspire to exceed the clients’ expectations.

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Our Mission

To provide customized and high-touch PayRoll, Statutory Compliance & Training solutions to organizations, enabling their growth and creating phenomenal company cultures

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the most Trusted PayRoll, Statutory, Compliance & Training Solutions provider with our excellence and expertise.

Our Core Values

Integrity : As a professional, always act with sincerity and a high ethical standard.
Customer First : Always look at it from the customer’s point of view and provide values based on their organizational needs.
Pro Active & Innovative: Embrace new ideas and perspectives and don’t be deterred by failure.
Speed & Quality :  Differentiate ourselves through the speed and quality of our decision-making and service delivery

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We @PAYOF accelerate your business performance

Outsourcing is when a company contracts another provider to perform a process that normally is done internally. Processes that are time-consuming and routine are ideal for outsourcing.
By removing such an activity from within your company, your employees can focus on doing more efficient or productive things that are difficult or impossible to outsource leaving a dedicated external vendor to complete the job, accomplishing it more efficiently due to their process specialization. Because of these efficiencies, outsourcing is seen by employers as a cost effective and valuable solution to running the administrative part of the business.

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